Nexant Training courses have benefited over ten thousand professionals for more than three decades.  Our courses include the commercial, technical, managerial and economic aspects of the chemical industry starting with oil and gas. We then move on to petrochemicals, polymers, plastics and renewable industries. 




 Our Offerings

We currently run three different training courses. 

  • Global Petrochemical Industry - Understanding the Complex Interactions between Technology, Economics and Markets
  • Polymer & Plastics Industry
  • Business Management & Economics in the Chemical Industry

These Courses are available publically at locations around the world and also as in-house training courses. 

We'll also provide you with a complete information pack, both hard copy and digitally, that covers everything in the course including the complete slide deck. This can be used as your Petrochemical reference point for many years to come. 

Public Training

Click on a link below to register for one of our upcoming public training courses.

Global Petrochemical training course - Dubai
Capital Club Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Feb 20, 2017 to Feb 22, 2017
Global Petrochemical training course - Houston
The Hilton Hotel, Houston, TX
Mar 7, 2017 to Mar 9, 2017
Global Petrochemical training course - Amsterdam
The Renaissance Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Apr 5, 2017 to Apr 7, 2017
Business Management & Economics - Houston
The Hilton Hotel, Houston, TX
Apr 10, 2017 to Apr 12, 2017
Global Petrochemical training course - Singapore
The Hilton Hotel, Singapore
Apr 25, 2017 to Apr 27, 2017
Global Petrochemical Industry - Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina
May 9, 2017 to May 11, 2017
Shanghai, China
May 16, 2017 to May 18, 2017
Global Petrochemical training course - London
Novotel Hotel London Tower Bridge, London, UK
Jun 13, 2017 to Jun 15, 2017
Business Management & Economics - Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Sep 5, 2017 to Sep 7, 2017
Global Petrochemical Industry - Houston
The Hilton Hotel, Houston, TX
Oct 17, 2017 to Oct 19, 2017
Business Management & Economics - Dubai
Capital Club, Dubai
Nov 7, 2017 to Nov 9, 2017
Business Management & Economics - London
Novotel Hotel London Tower Bridge, London
Dec 5, 2017 to Dec 7, 2017

In-house Courses

Our In-house training courses bring numerous benefits for both individual employees and the companies we work with. 

All our In-house training courses can be tailored to fit the company's specific needs. We work with you to design a course that meets the exact needs of your company and the landscape you do business in. We bring the course to your offices so your employees do not have to travel anywhere - no visas required. And internal issues can be discussed in confidence, with specific, case studies brainstorming and discussion sessions included in your course agenda. 

For any inquiry on our tailored in-house training courses, please contact us